HIPAA Compliance Audit & Certification

HIPAA/HITECH Assessments

Protecting the ePHI data in transit and at storage is becoming an increasingly important concern for healthcare organizations. For many years, HIPAA has been regulating the privacy and security of electronic protected health information (ePHI) utilized by health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and healthcare providers. The scope of that regulation was extended with the passing of the HITECH Act in 2009. Now compliance with the final HIPAA Omnibus Rule is mandated for these covered entities as well as their third-party vendors (business associates). Failure to comply can lead to civil and criminal penalties for healthcare organizations and their business associates.

Irisk Healthcare Solutions

With the onset of more stringent compliance standards, many healthcare organizations are vulnerable and unsure about how these new regulations impact their environment . Irisk offers a variety of healthcare-related IT auditing, security, and compliance solutions designed to help you understand:

  • How HIPAA, HITECH, and the final Omnibus Rule impact your organization.
  • What you need to do to protect your organization.
  • Which areas of your business pose IT risk.
  • The IT security measures you need to take to become HIPAA compliant and mitigate risk.
  • How to demonstrate, document and maintain compliance for your own organization and for your business associates.

Irisk IT Security Solutions Results

Irisk has a team of certified Professionals who have a complete understanding of HIPAA & HITECH Act and offer HIPAA compliance program to meet the HIPAA & HITECH security compliance requirements. Irisk’s HIPAA compliance program has been tailored to meet HIPAA & HITECH’s requirements and provide the organization with specialized capability in the areas of Vulnerability Assessments, Business Impact Analysis and Contingency Plan, training, audit and evaluation.

Our healthcare IT security specialists will apply proven processes and common controls frameworks to identify potential vulnerabilities. At the completion of any IT assessment, you will receive a detailed report combined with a comprehensive consultation to ensure your key staff members understand:

  •  Your current compliance posture.
  • Recommended steps for improving compliance.
  • Additional considerations that may require attention in the future.

Our expertise in HIPAA/HITECH compliance extends beyond healthcare providers to include service providers (business associates) that fall under newly implemented regulations as part of current healthcare reform.