Managed Security Services

Evolving Security Threat Landscape

Today’s enterprise is under cyber-attack and it is highly organized, persistent and effective. Network- based  threats  are continually increasing in breadth,  volume,and sophistication and represent an existential risk to organizations around the globe. This calls for enterprises to strategize and evolve suitable defense  against these  evolving  threats,  prevent  attacks,  preserve  sensitive assets,  and maintain business continuity.

In today’s corporate world there is certainly more to steal. Today’s enterprise has become increasingly “target rich,”as more valuable information is being stored on net work accessible devices and services every day. Enterprises face challenges in protecting the confidentiality and integrity of their data and the availability of their resources.

Enterprises must develop and implement their information risk management and security program. Information security should be a continuous and ongoing process built around a security policy.  A continuous security model is most effective, because it promotes  retesting and reapplying updated security measures  on a continuous basis and prevents  or minimizes possible attacks.  There is a growing global trend  where  Enterprises opt  for Managed  Security Services from professional IT security service providers.

Security Managers and/or IT heads of Enterprises are accountable for securing their net works and Internet with limited budgets. Businesses should also create and maintain security policies and ensure that they meet the regulatory needs. To find a solution that meets the entire requirements can be challenging. Implementing various security products and services can not be the right solution as it requires more man power and capital intensive.

Most of the businesses believe that their IT security situation is under control, but recent incidents counter that assumption. Although these companies invest in firewall, anti-virus and other perimeter defenses,  they still remain vulnerable to targeted  and persistent threats that have become  more costly.

Managed Security Service sat Affordable Cost

Irisk understands  the  security challenges that  every business face. To meet  these  challenges and minimize business risks, our Managed Security Services shall seamlessly integrate with the existing network and protect them from threats. Our certified security professionals shall protect your servers, networks,  websites,  and  databases  from internal  and  external  threats.  The  security  is provided 24x7x365 to eliminate threats  that  are generated  round the clock across the globe. Our managed security service is available at a fixed monthly cost.

Control– Every business is different. Each has their own thresholds of organizational risk. The security system must integrate with the existing infrastructure and provide better control over existing and potential threats.  The key to Control is process. To create  a process you must first define security policies and procedures and follow it with a monitoring and validating program.

Continuous– It is important to have a continuous monitoring to prevent breaches, discover anomalies and control assets. A 24/7/365 coverage is essential to understand  the activity on the network. To have an effective continuous monitoring, processes and controls combined with expertise is required to analyze vulnerability and take appropriate action. Continuous monitoring is about  proactivity that  diffuses threat sand keeps unwarranted visitors at bay.

Compliant– The security posture evolves as the organization grows. Sensitive information of the company and customers must be protected to avoid business loss and not being compliant with the local government authorities. Periodically validating the security posture shall ensure that there is no weak link in the chain. It helps to identify the security gaps that can be potentially exploited.

Irisk’s  Managed Security Services

The following is the list of Managed Security Services offered by Irisk. Based on your requirement, the services can be offered  24/7/365 , Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly or on an Annual   basis.

  • Log Management
  • Web Application Firewall
  • DDos Protection Layer ( Layer 3, 4 & 7)
  • Web site Malware Monitoring
  • Web Site Malware Monitoring
  • Proactive Threat Alerts
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Vulnerability Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Firewall Security Assessment
  • VPN Security Assessment
  • Wireless Network Security Assessment
  • End Point Security Assessment
  • Security Policy & Procedure
  • Server Hardening
  • Database Security Assessment
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • BCP/DRP Readiness Assessment