Data Analytics

Continuous Control Monitoring using Data Analytics
Irisk’s Data Analysis  solutions are  specifically designed  to perform in-depth  analysis of  data with  ease and Quickly  find exceptions  and control  breakdowns that  leave you  exposed  to financial  and reputational  risk-increasing coverage  and decrease  the time  it  takes to  analyze the truth  in your  transactions.


  • A data analysis solution that will help detect potential gaps and instances of control failures with greater ease.
  • A centralized repository to share analytic tests and engagements, which helps ensure standardization and repeatable analytics.
  • Scheduled and automated data extractions at off-peak hours, which satisfies IT security requirements while giving users greater independence.
  • The security and power of running analytics in a server environment.


  • Reduce the time and resources it takes to analyze data
  • Boost security by administrating roles and access privileges
  • Integrate AX seamlessly with your IT infrastructure
  • Easily access any data source
  • Analyze 100% of data populations
  • Leverage hundreds of built-in data analysis commands and tools
  • Automatically record every analytic step