Leading Bank, India

Our client is a leading bank headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands and having more than 200 branches all over India. They are a global financial institution of Dutch origin, offering banking, life insurance and retirement services and operates in Europe, North America and Latin America, Asia and Australia.


For the bank’s main India location, conducted an audit of Oracle Database 9i using the Risk Control Matrix and bench marked against bank’s internal security policies.

Project Description

The project was to carry out an audit of the Oracle Database environment covering the DB administration, Database access controls, security, backup and recovery, audit logs monitoring and report on deficiencies.

  • Interviewed the IT personnel of the bank and the staff of the third party service provider.
  • Reviewed the security policies of the bank.
  • Tested the data base controls by running SQL scripts and examining operating system controls and access controls and collected the necessary evidences.
  • Reported on findings & deficiencies to the IT team and the internal audit team and recommended implementing fresh/improved controls.